Henryk Gudas

For the last several years Henryk Gudas has demonstrated his resourcefulness as a general contractor as well as his talents as a businessman in his position as owner of Construction, LLC. As a builder and executive leader, he promotes the attention to detail that distinguishes exceptionally constructed homes and buildings from the ordinary. However, Henryk Gudas never loses sight of the business aspect of construction, emphasizing the importance of completing timely jobs that stay on budget. Some of the company’s projects include the Woodside Green Apartments and Bar Rosso, both located in Stamford, Connecticut. In addition to possessing OSHA certification, Construction, LLC, is an EPA lead-safe certified firm.

When he is not overseeing projects with Construction, LLC, Mr. Gudas manages a jewelry design studio that began operations in 1998. As with his efforts in construction, there, he seeks to achieve perfect craftsmanship with each piece of jewelry. The contemporary pieces produced by his studio have been shown and distributed all over the world.

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